Time Resist Jour




Youth activator Time Resist Day works in tandem with Time Resist Night to prevent and fix signs of ageing by countering the processes that cause premature skin ageing, commonly referred to inflammageing.
This efficacy is linked to the unique combination of stem cells from saponaria pumila, an alpine plant, and the Youth Energy amino acid complex! Time Resist Day is enriched with smoothing oat polyoses, wrinkle-filling konjac spheres, and hyaluronic acid to give skin all the hydration it needs. Your skin will be plumped-up and protected from the effects of time. It will be more toned, look smoother and appear visibly younger and more radiant. You’ll like the airless touch and slide jar, as well as the sweet and natural fragrance.
  • Contains 96% natural ingredients
  • Prevents and corrects signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles are filled and smoothed
  • The skin is soft, moisturized and plumped up


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