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Precision Esthetics is a full-service small studio bringing you the latest in beauty technology.

                                                                                                                                                            Our highly skilled and certified technicians offer a wide variety of

Yonka, Is Clinical and PCA  facial treatments.                                                                     

We also carry many innovative beauty products such as                                               

Yonka   Yonka Men   Is Clinical    PCA

EyEnvy   Tizo    Dr. Jart+    LaSpa.

Our location follows all Covid-19 protocols.                                                                                We are a proud member of  the Cosmetic Brand of North America                                      Registered and Certified with CBON, Barbicide, Milady


Hours of Operation:

Monday | Closed                                                          Tuesday – Thursday | 10:00 to 7:00
Friday      | 10:00  to 6:00
Saturday | 9:45 to 5:00                                              Sunday    | Closed

(hours may vary during Covid-19)

Phone: 416-698-8179                                                  Email: hello@precision-estheticsinc.com

Gift cards available online / in store  

 *PEI gift cards are not applicable            for med spa services.


1202 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON, M1N 1N8

Phone: 416 698 8179
Email: hello@precision-estheticsinc.com


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