PCA Makeup Remover Wipes




Remove makeup, dirt, oil, and debris with these moisturizing makeup removing wipes. Formulated with vitamin E and a nourishing ingredient blend, this portable makeup remover gently cleanses and rids the skin of impurities while providing calming and soothing benefits.

Key Benefits

    • Effectively removes makeup, dirt, oil, and debris
    • Quick, on-the-go cleansing for all skin types
    • Safe and gentle to use on and around the eyes


Key Ingredients

  • Tocopherol (vitamin E) – an excellent antioxidant and emollient that protects the lipids in the body, including cell membranes, from free radical damage.
  • Aloe, Chamomile, Cucumber, Althea (Marshmallow), and Oat Kernel Extracts – this unique ingredient blend soothes and conditions the skin.
  • Glycerin – a humectant and emollient that helps hydrate the skin.

Gently dissolve makeup, oil, and other impurities with this lightweight pre-cleansing oil. Formulated with emollient moisturizers and potent antioxidants, this luxurious, daily-use pre-cleanser purifies the pores without stripping essential moisture, leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed.


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